In my research program, major topics of study include human learning and knowledge representation, memory retrieval processes, acquisition and transfer of skills, and educational practice. Ongoing and recent projects have examined the optimization of learning in arithmetic, spelling, and other domains, the role of sleep in learning and memory, skill-training programs, testing effects, and the cognitive processes underlying recall from long-term memory.

Research Mentoring

For updated information about research mentoring opportunities for undergraduates, please refer to the "Interested in Learning Science Research?" section below and the contact information there.

At UCSD, I regularly recruit talented undergraduate students that are interested in learning and memory research through the UCSD Psychology Honors Program, the UCSD Cognitive Science Honors Program, the Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS), and other pipeline programs. As such, I strongly encourage interested undergraduates to consider applying for those programs (the honors programs are open to students at UCSD; STARS is for students from outside UCSD who visit us for the summer). Students who join our lab through one of these education pipeline programs will receive one-on-one mentorship from me in the development of an empirical research project, from experimental design to data collection, analysis, and presentation or publication. This experience often serves as excellent preparation for graduate careers.

In addition, helping students attain their first research conference presentation experiences is a major focus of my mentorship efforts. Students working with me typically receive instruction in poster and research talk development, individualized coaching in presentation skills, and advisement on the finer points of data analysis and interpretation. This culminates in presentations at such venues as:

Interested in Learning Science Research?

If you are an undergraduate who is interested in that type of training, please contact: To apply, please email: (1) class schedule screenshot; (2) any work/time commitments; (3) class level (e.g., freshman), (4) GPA; (5) degree goal (e.g., PSYC BS). Optional: CV, prior research experience, unofficial transcript.

Career Mentoring

It has been a privilege to advise talented undergraduate students in their pursuit of graduate and other careers. The many success stories that I have been fortunate to play a supporting role in has given me insights into what it takes to succeed after completing one's undergraduate degree -- insights that I've shared with subsequent students. To help even more students, in 2018 I developed and produced the following videos (in partnership with Kaiqi Guo; presented by Natalia Cameroni-Adams), as well as a 10-part how-to-guide which can be viewed at the UCSD Psychology website.